Saturday, June 27, 2015

Three weeks of my No Fap Today! What has change?

Today I am passing my third week of No Fap!

What has change?

I think that, I am a shy guy, soo I had always problems with social relations. BUT. Today I'm passing my 21 day of NO FAP and NO PORN challenge and I meet a really nice girl.

One day she join to our training group and we started to talk, then we went on a date. We meet very often and we're spending time together. This is a huge surprise for me.

Now, I want to tell you what has changed:

Firstly about positive changes:

- I have small morning erections (its like in 20-30%, before No FAP there was no morning erections!)
- Morning erections in about 3 of 7 days a week
- I didn't watch any pornography
- I don't feel urge to Porn and masturbation
- I didn't masturbate in this time
- My penis is a little harder now
- I'm looking on woman from other perspective (not as an object to sex, I want to talk with them)
- I don't feel that sick need to wash my body everytime (before my No Fap I was taking a bath few times a day)
- I was very shy guy, soo there was a problem to talk with other people, now I'm trying to talk more with my family, friends, and even people on the street, shop etc.
- I can concentrate more and more on activities, duties.
- I spend more time outside, training, cycling, running with friends. 
(Now I have to take a rest for two weeks from my training, because I do it too often and I lose too much weight).

But I fell some side effects:
- Sometimes I had stomach aches, headaches, lack of strength, can't eat anything but this side effects was interwave with good feel days. It is not necessary to think about this effects, it is a positive symptom which means that therapy of No Fap is going in the right way! Soo you don't have to take any tablets (painkillers), because your hormons are stabilizing. Everything is ok :).

Probably girls can feel and recognize guys, which are masturbating to porn, it is beacuse of their suspicious behaviors, shifty eyes and they can't concentrate on normal talk. We have to change our behaviors, because it will cause a lot of problems very soon.
You will not feel confident.
You will not have motivation to get work, to gain something in your life.
You will not find a girlfriend, because girls don't want to be with strange guy.

Start your No FAP today, I can confirm that it will help you to change your life. You will feel much better, like a healthy confident guy!

There is not much to do, you have to stop your urges to watching porn and masturbate, don't think about it start to do more creative things and everything will change. 

30 day's of my No Fap very soon! 


  1. Good for you. I'm not quite sure how I got here, and the content is a bit unusual but I congratulate you on seeking balance and normality. Keep on not fapping.

  2. It's my goal to stop watching porn and masturbate, because it has a huge impact on my life. I know that there is many guys which has the same problem and I want to persuade them to start their No Fap too. It is very hard for people which has this problem from many years but it is possible to change. Thank you for this post.