Sunday, June 14, 2015

Erectile Dysfunction and medication use

Erectile Dysfunction and mediciation use

Why we don't need any medication like potency pills and other medication in process of erection treatment?

The answer on this question is very simple. It is a bullshit which didn't work!

Addiction to Porn is not exist in the international register of addictions. This situation makes that doctors don't fight with the main cause which is masturbation to Porn, they only suggest that you should take tablets on erection. They don't know the scale of this problem, because they grew up in a
time without fast internet and easy access to pornography.

However this pills will not help with our erection problems, becuase it is not a solution. The composition of these pills is often a combination of witamins and minerals. Their composition have no differ to regular vitamin product and dietary supplements. A visit to the doctor will not also change anything, because they will only do the medical examination, which will show in results that everything is ok with us. We have a normal hormons proportions, and our blood parameters are perfect. After this we will pay astronomical money for 30 minutes visit with no effect. We will continue to feel the same bad as before this visit.

I think that distribution of erection pills is a big kind of mafia. It is because they are selling tablets with the same composition as regular witamins by tripple prices. However, this pills will not change anything! But the worst possible thing to do is continue masturbate during taking this pills. Soo you have to stop doing it now. You have to thrown all this products in to the trash and change the way of your therapy. Start your No FAP today and everything will returns to normal condition soon. You need 3-9 months of No porn and no Fap and your problems will disappear. I promise, you have nothing to lose in this proces. You don't have to waste your hard-earned money on medication.

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