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Hello everyone,
My name is Mathew, I'm over twenty years old, and just finished my studies.  Now I am looking for the job in my profession. My life is arranged well, but I feel that the Internet porn and masturbation significantly affected on my life. I don't came from pathologicaly family, and I always had everything I was asking for. I started to masturbate once in elementary school and it pulls up behind me until now, but my history starts from masturbation without any porn. I did it out from curiosity and I started to feel a very stron craving for doing it often. There was no porn movies, pictures and tones of magazines.

Everything has changed when we bought a first computer. I begun to learn worse, and started to gain bad marks at school. I was spending more and more time in front of my computer screen (playing games, chatting online). Then my friends started to recording games and other content on CD's, because my first internet wasn't fast. Everybody were waiting for the next delivery of CD's. Among this CD's with games there was some with first adult content. Nobody was talking about this "special" content because everybody knew what to do with this… My porn "trip" begun in earnest. When the internet speed has accelerated I was starting to discover porn websites. I was looking for better and better movies. Started to masturbating everyday, often it was several times per day. My "porn trip" was the same like this for many years. To my seventeen birthday there was no problems. Then I started to feel more and more causes, but I didn't do anything…

Problems begun to develop
Erectile disfunction has started to deepen, up to the moment when I didn't feel anything. No satisfaction from masturbation, soo I started to do something with this issue. I bought some tablets which were meant to restore my penis to normal functioning but there was no reaction! I started to panic, and think that I'm infertile. In December this year I started to feel very bad, I went to hospital and make every diagnosics (thyroid, blood, men's hormons) but the results were perfect. I was thinking about the main cause of my malaise, I want to urologist too but he told me one important thing. Try to stop watching porn and masturbate for few months and everything should be ok.

When I came back home from this visit, I started to read more and more articles in the Internet. I discovered that it is possible to restore myself to normal sexual functionating and there is only one way to to do it. I have to remove the main cause from my life. PORN and Masturbation. Many years of fapping to porn was created automatic process in my brain. Fortunately it is possible to "rewire" our brains and teach it new behaviors. 

I am starting it today, soo this blog will show you my progress to heal from the addiction. I want to encourage you to start the rehab of PMO. We don't need any drugs, but there is a free working process. NO PORN and NO FAP.

I am addicted to PMO from 2004, soo its about 11 years.
What is PMO?
Porn - Masturbation - Orgasm

I know that there is more guys like me, which are addicted to porn from years, and they are going to finish with it. On this blog I will publish my way to recover from addiction, and I want to gather whole knowledge about this topic. There is plenty of articles in the internet like blogs and websites, for example no fap topic on reddit or I want to collect the most important here in one place. Many of people don't know that, PMO causes many problems in every branch of life (mentally and physically). I read a large part of this websites, and I've heard about very similar cases from other people on forums. There is a big part of people who managed to combat porn addiction problem. Most of this people think wrote that, we don't need any tablets or capsules to restore our normal functioning. Many guys suffer of erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation problems, it is caused of too frequent masturbation to porn. 

Problem of porn addiction touches people in every age, women also are suspectible on this ailment and it is associated with addiction to the Internet. Same masturbation is not a problem, but the main problem is porn. Access to adult content is much easier now, than 10 or 20 years ago. Fapping to this pixels girls for many years make our cocks less sensitive. Our brains thinks that this porn is a normal sexual intercourse, and it makes many neuron connections. If we want to start our therapy of porn we need to weaken this connections between neurons. It takes from 3 to 6 months of no masturbation, no edging and no watching porn. After this time many of problems persists, but the best way is not to return to masturbateing after this time.

I urge everybody to completely anonymous comment and send your stories about getting out of the addiction. It will be posted on this blog by your permission. I'm starting my long way to recover today, is there anybody who want to join this therapy? No more PMO in my life!

The most important think is a strong will to get rid of the addiction.

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