Thursday, July 16, 2015

40 Day's out of masturbation and watching pornography

Today I'm passing my 40 day of No Fap, I'm completely free of watching porn and masturbation. I'm in relationship with a beautiful girl from 3 weeks now, and I can tell you that she is a huge motivation for me to don't think about addiction.

What has changed?

I feel much better, more confident than at start. I'm starting to feel like a healthy guy, but further waiting for erection improve. Between days 10-30 there was a lot of morning erections (3-4 days a week). Now I don't have morning
erections again, but I think that it is due to night ejaculation which I had 3 days ago. I noticed one thing. During first hours after night ejaculation (24h-48h), I feel a little bit like at start of my No Fap. I think about my sexuality, I'm distracted, can't focus on anything. I think it is the watershed moment when

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Passed my first month of No FAP!

Hello everyone!
I completely passed my first month of No FAP on 6th July. It changed a lot of things at this time in my life and I want to tell you about it. Primarily I gradually changed my behaviors. I stopped watching porn, thinking about sex, and I completely stopped masturbating! And you know what? I feel awsome now! I have a girlfriend, which I've meet on training group (running team), we're dating very often. I'm looking at girls from other perspective, I'm not thinking about sex with them, and I'm easier to talk now. I feel that girls are looking from other perspective on me too. I don't have this "bad eyes" you know what I mean. You have bad eyes after watching porn for a long time, and you can't concentrate on looking "eye to eye" with your interlocutor. I have 23 y.o. and

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How the "Morning wood" arise?

"Morning wood" - morning erection

How the "morning wood" arise?

Healthy guys sometimes have night erections, it is produced by testosterone hormone. It is secreted in regeneration process and oxygenate every cells in our bodies. Morning wood is the effect of activity testosterone hormone. What is the purpose of morning erections?

The purpose is to stop urine (soo you didn't wake up in wet bed).

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Three weeks of my No Fap Today! What has change?

Today I am passing my third week of No Fap!

What has change?

I think that, I am a shy guy, soo I had always problems with social relations. BUT. Today I'm passing my 21 day of NO FAP and NO PORN challenge and I meet a really nice girl.

One day she join to our training group and we started to talk, then we went on a date. We meet very often and we're spending time together. This is a huge surprise for me.

Now, I want to tell you what has changed:

Firstly about positive changes:

- I have small morning erections (its like in 20-30%, before No FAP there was no morning erections!)
- Morning erections in about 3 of 7 days a week

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It passed 10 days of my No Fap

10 Days free of PMO

I started my No Fap abstinence on 6th June 2015 and I'm going to get rid of my addiction from this date. I was trying many times to stop watching pornography and masturbate (30+ times from 2013), but this time I'm gonna do it in the right way. I created this blog to get motivation and to motivate other people which has the same problem (PMO Addiction). I really want to encourage you to start your No Fap and change your life today. 

How I feel after 10 days? What has changed?

It passed only few days from start, soo there is not much changes for now. I am completely free of watching pornography and masturbation during this days. I've blocked porn websites on my computer and restricted my phone only to calling and texting. There is no 100% effective ways to block porn permanently, you can always find a way to bypass this block. Soo, the most important thing during No Fap is the strong will! In the future I want to unlock whole of this blockades, because I'll have enough strong well to stop thinking about pornography and masturbation. 

Side effects

During this 10 days my penis had become softer and softer, it is happened because the "Flat Line" has been started. I don't know how long it will take, but I've read that avarage time of flat line is from 3-9 months. Some people has it for one year and longer! These are precisely the consequences of long-term masturbation to porn. We need a very long time to recover. My brain started to clear out of pornography. I'm looking at girls from other perspective. I'm not thinking about sex with them, but I'm interested in talk and spending time with them. I spend mor time with my friends, because I have now plenty of free time and it is necessary to organize it. I've changed my behaviors, come back to running, cycling, spending time with friends, learning languages and joining to charity events. It is a perfect help to forget about pornography, spend time outside of house and doing new activities. I'm running in a training group, and I can tell that I see a little progress of No Fap, because I can run with better pace and for longer distances.

I don't want to watch porn anymore. Everytime when I'm thinking about porn and masturbation, I change my thinking on consequences of PMO. It is always a good way to sober in this situations. Today, I felt a big headache and stomachache, but it is a normal side effects of abstinence. It is a good sign, that you are doing your No Fap in the right way.

I'll continue my No Fap and I will post my progress when I'll pass 30 days. No Fap always has a good results but we need soo much time to get rid this addiction, our brains need time to regulare back normal functionation.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Erectile Dysfunction and medication use

Erectile Dysfunction and mediciation use

Why we don't need any medication like potency pills and other medication in process of erection treatment?

The answer on this question is very simple. It is a bullshit which didn't work!

Addiction to Porn is not exist in the international register of addictions. This situation makes that doctors don't fight with the main cause which is masturbation to Porn, they only suggest that you should take tablets on erection. They don't know the scale of this problem, because they grew up in a

How to block Pornography on Android?

How to block Porn on Android?

There is a lot of programs in Google Play, which are blocking access to Porn on your Android devices. You can use K9 Web Protection - recommended, and other programs like Norton Family. During instalation you have to generate a password without remembering it. You can use a password generator from ( 

Install AdAway if you want to block popups on Android, it will also help you with blocking concrete webiste adresses. This App is avaliable to download from F-Droid Store. (

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Low libido at the beginning of Porn Addiction Abstinence

Why does our libido decreases at the beginning of Porn Addiction Abstinence? 

When we will notice the huge decrease of libido in very first week of our therapy, it means that everything is going in the right way. Most of us suffers on lack of morning erections and complain that they have no "morning wood". This is a perfect sign that the therapy process is properly and your brain starts to clear out of pornography. During many years you have seen thousands of naked girls, in few days you have seen more girls than a guy 50 years ago during his whole life! Soo, your brain needs now a lot of time to forget about this scenes and starts to clean up. Actual, you have a reduced tolerance on any sexual stimulations and you need more and more stimulation to get an orgasm. You are addicted to dopamine, and it works very similarly like addiction to drugs,