Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Passed my first month of No FAP!

Hello everyone!
I completely passed my first month of No FAP on 6th July. It changed a lot of things at this time in my life and I want to tell you about it. Primarily I gradually changed my behaviors. I stopped watching porn, thinking about sex, and I completely stopped masturbating! And you know what? I feel awsome now! I have a girlfriend, which I've meet on training group (running team), we're dating very often. I'm looking at girls from other perspective, I'm not thinking about sex with them, and I'm easier to talk now. I feel that girls are looking from other perspective on me too. I don't have this "bad eyes" you know what I mean. You have bad eyes after watching porn for a long time, and you can't concentrate on looking "eye to eye" with your interlocutor. I have 23 y.o. and
she is my first official girlfriend in my life, we have endless topics of conversation. This is the first girl which I kissed with tongue and in addition with her initiative. Our firs kiss with tongue was a little weird for me haha! , but the second one was enjoyable. Each next is awsome :D. It is very hard to describe, but you have to feel it by yourself. I know that most of men who are the porn fappers has a woman or even wife, but I want here to motivate this part who are alone. Start your no fap today, because it can cause a huge changes in yor life. 

Ok but what about my sexuality?
I always thought that I have no erections and there is nothing to change it. I was thinking that I am the impotent and I'll never have a girlfriend. After this 30 days of abstinence I can tell you that I can see first signs of changes. I have morning woods (morning erections by 20-50%!), and it this is happening increasingly. I don't even think about watching porn, masturbating, because today I know that is a bullshit! It has nothing in common to real sex. Before my abstinence I had issues with my penins like full no erection all the time, thinking that he is dead, but trust me it's not but he is tired of pornography.

About the abstinence
This is my 30+ abstinence of porn in a row. I'm fighting with porn and masturbation problem from 2013. In this time I was trying to stop my urges by No Fap's and it looked like this. Starting abstinence, no fapping for 2 weeks, then fapped 2-3 days in row, then start another No Fap. And over and over again with no results. At this time the longes time of my abstinence was 65 days but I cheated myself by watching porn without fapping sometimes. Soo it wasn't a real No Fap. This blog is motivating me to do it in the right way, and I want to support other people who has the same problem. I know that this problem has a lot of people all over the world. Both woman and men in every ages, this in relationship and alone. I want to tell something to this people who are in relationship. Stop doing it, because its not good for your relation with second person. It is a little like betrayal, and even something worse because you choose porn, not your partner.

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