Thursday, July 16, 2015

40 Day's out of masturbation and watching pornography

Today I'm passing my 40 day of No Fap, I'm completely free of watching porn and masturbation. I'm in relationship with a beautiful girl from 3 weeks now, and I can tell you that she is a huge motivation for me to don't think about addiction.

What has changed?

I feel much better, more confident than at start. I'm starting to feel like a healthy guy, but further waiting for erection improve. Between days 10-30 there was a lot of morning erections (3-4 days a week). Now I don't have morning
erections again, but I think that it is due to night ejaculation which I had 3 days ago. I noticed one thing. During first hours after night ejaculation (24h-48h), I feel a little bit like at start of my No Fap. I think about my sexuality, I'm distracted, can't focus on anything. I think it is the watershed moment when

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Passed my first month of No FAP!

Hello everyone!
I completely passed my first month of No FAP on 6th July. It changed a lot of things at this time in my life and I want to tell you about it. Primarily I gradually changed my behaviors. I stopped watching porn, thinking about sex, and I completely stopped masturbating! And you know what? I feel awsome now! I have a girlfriend, which I've meet on training group (running team), we're dating very often. I'm looking at girls from other perspective, I'm not thinking about sex with them, and I'm easier to talk now. I feel that girls are looking from other perspective on me too. I don't have this "bad eyes" you know what I mean. You have bad eyes after watching porn for a long time, and you can't concentrate on looking "eye to eye" with your interlocutor. I have 23 y.o. and

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How the "Morning wood" arise?

"Morning wood" - morning erection

How the "morning wood" arise?

Healthy guys sometimes have night erections, it is produced by testosterone hormone. It is secreted in regeneration process and oxygenate every cells in our bodies. Morning wood is the effect of activity testosterone hormone. What is the purpose of morning erections?

The purpose is to stop urine (soo you didn't wake up in wet bed).