Thursday, July 16, 2015

40 Day's out of masturbation and watching pornography

Today I'm passing my 40 day of No Fap, I'm completely free of watching porn and masturbation. I'm in relationship with a beautiful girl from 3 weeks now, and I can tell you that she is a huge motivation for me to don't think about addiction.

What has changed?

I feel much better, more confident than at start. I'm starting to feel like a healthy guy, but further waiting for erection improve. Between days 10-30 there was a lot of morning erections (3-4 days a week). Now I don't have morning
erections again, but I think that it is due to night ejaculation which I had 3 days ago. I noticed one thing. During first hours after night ejaculation (24h-48h), I feel a little bit like at start of my No Fap. I think about my sexuality, I'm distracted, can't focus on anything. I think it is the watershed moment when
we're more able to stop our No Fap, start watching porn and masturbate, because we think that everything has noo results! I can only tell you that moment when you have a night ejaculation is a test for us. Soo don't think about it continue your No Fap and everything will be ok again in next 48 hours. I promise you! 

The most important change for me is that, I'm more and more talkative in conversation with everybody. I don't feel this "empty head" when I'm with other people. I can talk in many topics, even with unknown people on the street. I thing this is a huge merit of No Fap.

I feel that I'm still at "flat line", my penis is soft again (during this 40 days it was a little better but now it's again the same like at start). I think it is a good sign, because brain needs a lot of time to clear out of porn.

What about the side effects?

I had a huge headaches, stomachaches during my No Fap, but after 35 days everything changed and now I can tell that I feel fine. :) I have no problems with my body now, I don't feel this discomfort with my penis. I don't feel this weird urge to take a shower everytime. Obviously I'm taking shower every day haha because I'm spending lot of time on training outside (running, cycling).

I continue my No Fap, I don't have any time goals. Pornography and masturbation is not an option for me anymore.

Is there some one who started his No Fap with me? 

If you have any question, you can write to me using contact form :) I will answer on every mail

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